15 Best Things to Do in Eskişehir

To Do in Eskisehir

With its beautiful and unique parks, gondolas going through the Porsuk Creek, traditional Odunpazari houses and local flavours, Eskisehir is definitely a European city located in the middle of Anatolia. As its location is very close to Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara, it enables a great weekend escape to the travellers. Here are some tips to get the most of this beautiful and modern city of Anatolia in two days!

Walk around the historical houses in Odunpazari


Walk around the historical houses in Odunpazarı




Eat Çibörek



Eat Balaban Kebap




Get refreshed by the artificial sea, in Kentpark




Enjoy the local Turkish Baths




Party at the Pub Street




Have a gondola ride across the river



Watch Eskisehir from Selale Park




Discover Sazova




Get Luletasi souvenirs



 Wax Museum

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15 Best Things to Do in Eskişehir
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